How Can Seniors Prevent Prediabetes?

Physical activity

It does not imply compulsory fitness or gym. Instead, you can consider light exercises such as walking, or even working in the garden. The main thing is – to build muscle mass and boost the production of insulin in your body. The fact is, physical activity can reduce the risk of prediabetes by almost 58% as compared to Medicines that have a rate of only 30%. Before starting a physical activity, discuss with your doctor what you can do, how intensely you need to work out, as well as what should be the duration of walking or other exercises.

Drug treatment:

The person should consult with an endocrinologist in order to identify high numbers of sugar in the second hour after drinking glucose. Do not be afraid of glucose-lowering drugs. The doctor may prescribe them temporarily until the elderly person makes some small changes into their day to day lifestyle. Note: Currently, prediabetes is not covered under Medicare or Medigap (Medicare advantage plans).

Life after detecting prediabetes:

In addition to the glucose tolerance test, a few other tests will have to be carried out.

Since the tests showed elevated glucose figures, it will have to be controlled – in order to detect diabetes at least in time. In addition, you will have to track other indicators some of which are mentioned below:

  • blood lipidogram – 2 times a year;
  • blood pressure – at least once a day;
  • the condition of the fundus of the eye (at the ophthalmologist) – once a year;
  • Ultrasound of the kidneys – once a year;
  • the condition of the oral cavity (at the dentist) – 1-2 times a year.

After the discovery of prediabetes, even if after making some significant changes in your lifestyle, it is crucial for you to pay attention to the below factors:

1.  Always dress according to the weather – without overheating or freezing yourself;

2. Take some time to moisturize the skin, especially the skin of the hands and feet, preventing it from cracking and infection.

The lifestyle changes that prediabetes requires are not that difficult to apply. Besides, these measures can help you avoid other issues such as a heart attack, stroke, blindness, as well as kidney failure.